Changes Ahead

Monday morning the mailman came to the door with a big box. Our Alpha Omega Lifepacs had arrived! This is a major change in how I homeschool but over the last few months I’ve know that I needed to change something. I have found it difficult to only homeschool one child. I just don’t have the motivation. I talked with my dh and friends, prayed about it, researched various options and the Lord led me to the Lifepacs. I believe this will help me stay accountable and on track but yet give me the freedom that I want! I also think the work is more challenging than what I’m doing with JK now. She needs to grow and stretch and think and I have been taking it easy in that department.

I have read criticisms that this curriculum and other workbook/textbook approaches are boring. After years of trying to make school interesting, fun, etc., I think it’s ok to do boring. I don’t mean making it so boring that JK won’t like school but boring the fact that school is not all fun and games. The truth is school is work. Work can sometimes be boring. (I mean, how excited can I get doing the laundry almost every day for the past 19 years????) But work must get done, boring or not, and I think this is something JK needs to learn.

I ordered Science, History and Language Arts; all for 6th grade. I’ll still use BJU for Math and Christian Liberty Press for Bible as they are working fine. I’ve been looking over the teacher’s guide and a book called “Mastering Lifepac Management” to get a feel for how the program works and what is expected of me and JK. I’m looking forward to getting started on Monday and so is JK (well, sort of ). I know it will take some adjustment and tweaking but since we’re starting early I have breathing space.

I will keep you up to date on our progress!

What say you?

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