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Rainy and Busy Saturday

Rain and cool temperatures are now here. This morning it was warm enough to wear capris and sandals. By the time I got home at 4:00, it was rainy and cold!!

The morning started off with Weight Watchers and it was revealed that I gained 2 pounds so I am back where I was two weeks ago. I thought I did pretty good with my points but I guess not good enough. I also only walked once this week.

After W.W. it was time to take JK bowling and she had a bad day. Actually everyone on her team did also. They were in 4th place going into today but they only one won game so I’m sure they’ll be down next week. She was very disappointed.

When bowling was finished, we went to clean the church and eat lunch with my dh. I was very good and had a salad with fat-free dressing (which was horrible!) and a water. After that, we went to Sam’s Club and then home. We had an hour to rest before we went over a friend’s house for dinner. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with several other families and friends from church.

As far as Weight Watchers, I wrote down some goals for this week to help me stay on track:
~no skipping breakfast (something I do too often)
~drink more water
~have good snacks on hand
~walk every other day

Lord willing and with His strength, I will be able to accomplish those goals this week.

How was your Saturday?

What say you?

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