In the book I’m reading by Linda Dillow entitled “Calm My Anxious Heart” she write about choices we can make in our lives to give us more contentment and peace. I still have a few chapters to read but here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Choose to:

  • accept my portion and my cup (Ps. 16:5)
  • pray rather than be anxious
  • give my anxieties to God
  • pray specifically
  • be thankful
  • dwell on the positive
  • forgive and go beyond forgiveness
  • be faithful to God
  • say words of blessing and love
  • acknowledge that anxiety is sin and confess it as such
  • yield to God’s sovereignty
  • trust God with all my tomorrows and live for today
  • trust God with the “what ifs”

I wrote all these down on an index card and have been meditating on them (putting them into my heart) along with some verses that go along. It has been such a blessing and encouragement to “think on these things”.

What say you?

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