It’s Catalog Time!

It’s that time of year when homeschool catalogs start appearing in my mailbox. This week I received two of my favorites.

The first is Timberdoodle Company. I have been getting this catalog for many, many years and it’s my favorite homeschool company. They do not carry a large selection but what they do carry is very good. Some of the products are common to most homeschoolers such as Miquon Math, Building Thinking Skills and Easy Grammar. The unique feature of this catalog is that they carry items that I’ve never seen before such as books, games and software. Each item comes with a detailed review and these are items that the catalog owners have used with their own children. I already have my wish list written!

If you visit their website, you’ll find lots of homeschooling articles that were included in the catalog years ago. Be sure to check it out and read the wisdom that is there.

The second catalog (well, actually a very large brochure) is from Greathall Productions. This is the company of Jim Weiss’ storytelling audio recordings. I cannot say enough good things about these tapes and CD’s. We have been purchasing them for years and have almost every one in the collection. Jim Weiss is an awesome storyteller. His voice is like butter! My children and I had the privilege of hearing him at a local library a few years and he was wonderful. He could read the phone book and I would enjoy it!

The tapes range from good night CDs with soft, soothing stories to put little ones to sleep to Shakespeare stories and everything in between. The recordings are broken down by age and also by time period.

Here’s some of his offerings: Tales from the Old Testament, Tales from Cultures Near and Far, Greek Myths, Galileo and the Stargazers, The Queen’s Pirate, Thomas Jefferson’s America, Sherlock Holmes for Children and many, many more. He has recorded 6 volumes of G. A Henty stories and also Rascal by Sterling North.

Please take a moment to go to his website and listen to some samples of his work. You won’t be disappointed!

What say you?

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