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The Tabernacle

Tonight JK and I went to a friend’s church to hear Randy Amos speak about the Tabernacle. He not only spoke on it, he had a 15′ x 50′ replica of it! It was very nicely done. He has been at their church since Monday night but tonight was the only time we could go. I would love to hear all his messages but what we learned tonight was great. He covered two parts of the Tabernacle: the laver of washing and the lampstand.

The laver of washing was a basin for priests. It came after the altar of sacrifice and before the entrance to the sanctuary. It was made of polished copper. Its purpose was “to wash”. The priests had to daily wash their hands and feet from dirt and contamination before they served God at the altar or entered the sanctuary to worship. The laver was not for the shedding of sacrificial blood for sin but for the washing of dirt. One had to be clean to serve. (Ex. 30:18-21).

The laver tells us that God is not only interested in the forgiveness of our sin but also our daily cleanliness in living for Him.

The New Testament teaches that once one is forgiven of sin by Christ’s sacrifice he receives the “living water” of the Holy Spirit. One purpose of the Spirit is to renew our minds to serve God acceptably. We also read of “the washing of water by the word.” As the Christian daily learns God’s Word, the bible, he is cleansed from wrong thinking and ways so his service is acceptable to God. (John 8:37-39, Romans 12: 1-2; Ephesians 5:26, Psalm 119:11).

He also talked about how the order is important. If the laver was first and the altar second, the picture would convey that Christ’s gospel says to live clean and then God will forgive and make you right. But God’s order reveals that first God forgives through Christ gives the power (Spirit) for you to live clean unto Him. He also said that if it was just the altar, it would convey a works-based gospel. Sacrifice (do all the right things, right prayers, etc.) and you will be forgiven.

It was really neat to see how God planned each aspect of the Tabernacle to be a picture of things to come–the Lord Jesus and His sacrificial death. JK really enjoyed learning the background of these two pieces of furniture. Tomorrow I’ll share what we learned about the lampstand.

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