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The Golden Lampstand

The second item we learned about last night was the golden lampstand. It stood on the south side of the holdy place. The gold was formed into the shape of an almond tree in the full bloom of life by beating or hammering. It had six fruitful branches with a central shaft or trunk. they were designed to hold seven bowls fill with olive oil to provide light. Light and life merged together in one unit. The light was continual and was never to go out. There was no light at all in the holy place except that which came from the golden lampstand.

John 1 present the one Christ as both light and life. “In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.” He alone as God in the flesh gives life eternal and the light to understand and know God. Mr. Amos also explained that the number of bowls, buds and flowers on the lampstand added up to 66 corresponding to the 66 books of the Bible. The whole Bible gives us light to live by (Ps. 119:11). It was very interesting! He also said the number 7 of the lamps reminds us of God’s perfect number. Jesus Christ is both six (man) and seven (God) in one person.

The church of Jesus is also pictured as a lampstand through which His Spirit and His Word reveals the gospel, truth and glory of God. (Rev. 1:20).

My friend, Trish, and I are finishing up our study on contentment and we’ve decided to study James next. When we are finished, I’d like to learn more about The Tabernacle. I know it would be a rich study!!

What say you?

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