Cleaning House

This morning was spent in my kitchen with scrub brushes, buckets, mops and assorted cleaning tools. I scrubbed (and scrubbed) my kitchen floor and put on a new coat of wax. It looks pretty–although I just noticed an area I forgot! I’ll have to fix that tonight after everyone is in bed!!

I did a lot of other scrubbing also: outside cabinets, baseboards and walls. It feels so good to get all that accomplished. While I was doing that, JK was at the dining room table doing her school work. We are on our summer schedule so there isn’t that much to do. Last night after she went up to bed she came back down and got her math review sheet! She hadn’t finished it earlier in the day and wanted to get it done. That was quite a surprise.

I still have laundry to do and some vacuuming. And I need to eat lunch. It’s almost 2:30! I had planned to run some errands this afternoon but I’m not sure if I’ll have time since I need to take JK to karate this evening. My dh is picking her up so I just might do them tonight when I have more time.

It’s a beautiful day here after some much-needed rain yesterday. I have lots of birds at my feeders and every once in a while I glance out to see who’s visiting. Today’s visitors: goldfinch, chickadee, sparrow, cardinal, blue jay, tufted titmouse, nuthatcher and a flicker. Oh–there’s a purple finch right in front of me! I have a feeder that is in front of my window here at my computer. It is wonderful to watch these little birds go about their business.

Well, I need to go about my business also of keeping my home. What are you doing today? How are you keeping your home?

What say you?

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