The Contented Woman

While I was at the used curriculum sale of our state convention a few weeks ago, I picked up a book entitled “The Contented Woman” by Blanche Rouintree. I haven’t been able to find much information about so I don’t really know the background or the author. I have finished reading “Calm My Anxious Heart” and I thought this would be a good follow-up. I read a few chapters last night and came across these gems I wanted to share:

The opposite of contentment is a restless spirit. A spirit that is always wanting to do something other than what you are now doing–wanting something other than what you now have. How depressing to be around such a person! Even though this spirit is repugnant, if you are around it very much, it will get on you. It is very contagious. Children are very susceptible, but adults also become contaminated with it.
Discontentment comes from an ungrateful heart. We need to have our eyes opened to appreciate those around us and, also, to be thankful for what God has already provided for us.
Contentment is living in the moment–not for the moment.
Somewhere along the road to maturity, this characteristic (living in the moment) is lost. From then on, it is a constant struggle to just settle down and enjoy the present moment. We become so consumed with our daily schedules and plans, that we are blinded to the many little joys that God sends our way. These joys are usually unplanned and often come to us at unexpected and inconvenient moments. However, if we can capture them, these will be the moments that we will remember and cherish as the years go by.
We have a tendency to become rigid in our own plans. We ARE going to accomplish them, regardless of what happens! So, with such a mind-set, we have already blocked out the tender little surprises and joys that God has sprinkled for us along our path of the routine day!

2 thoughts on “The Contented Woman

  1. I really enjoyed these quotes. The author is so right. It’s so easy to become discontent, but it is truly ungratefulness at what God has already given us. He promised to provide all that we NEED.Thank you for sharing.:)Love,Janet


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