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Letting It Go

Here’s more insights from The Contented Woman. This is from the chapter entitled, “Letting It Go”.

If we don’t learn the secret of letting things go, we will be remembered as a contentious wife and mother–contending for everything to be done our way. The wisest man that ever lived, other than Christ said: “A continual dropping on a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.” (Prov. 27:15)

Our family may really lean upon us for the many things that we faithfully do for them, but they will not find us fun to be with–and certainly not enjoyable to work with–if we always contend for things to be done our way! After all, the world will still keep rotating on its axis, even if things aren’t done the way we think best!

The home should be a haven of rest for each member of the family. However, if we women are like a watchdog, correcting and nagging about every little ting, our family will eventually desire to be somewhere else rather than home–some place where they can be themselves.

It is so wonderful to just let people be themselves. There is such rest in it. God has allowed each of us to make our own mistakes and learn from them. Should we not have this same tolerance toward others? Isn’t it wonderful to be around people who do not make requirements of us to act a certain way or look a certain way? We can sense they are going to love us just as we are!
A great key to happiness and contentment is learning to Just Let It Go!

What say you?

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