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Hot! Hot! Hot!

My backyard thermometer reads 101*. Whew! That’s hot. Thankfully we are home until about 5:30 this afternoon. JK has karate lessons tonight and then we have a few errands to run after that.

All our ceiling fans and floor fans are on and trying to circulate some cool air. I’m so very thankful for air-conditioning!! All my growing up years, I didn’t have ac and the summers were icky. I can remember getting out of the shower and sweating!! I also remember sleeping with a fan right next to my bed to keep me cool. I guess that is why I like to hear the sound of a fan when I go to sleep. Even in the winter, I have a fan on in our bedroom. The noise is very soothing to me.

This week I’ve been working on the organization projects I spoke of last week. Michael’s had 50% off their baskets so I bought some more. The closet is now finished and the left side of my school room is also completed. The floor is clean!! I will post some pictures later today or tomorrow. I still need to work on JK’s desk area.

I have four bags to take to Goodwill and yesterday four bags went out in the trash! I went through our file cabinets and threw away (actually shredded) a lot of old bank statements, bills, etc. and organized it better.

Right now my desk is a little messy as I’ve been working on my Precepts study of James. This week we’re studying James 1:12-17 on trials and temptations. I am to consider it “all joy” when I encounter (happening suddenly) various (mulit-colored; varigated) trials. And why I am to consider these trials a joy? Because the testing of my faith produces endurance! And that endurance helps me to grow in a more mature Christian. And if I have joy and persevere under the trials, I will receive the crown of life (v.12) which God has promised to those who love Him. How can I show that I love Him? By considering my trials a joy!!

One of the assignments in my lesson is to memorize various verses. Oh, this is good for my old brain. It will stave off Alzheimer’s!! That’s a worldly result, I know; I like what Kay Arthur said in my lesson today: “Don’t forget your memory verses! If your Bible is taken away from you, you will be in a trial, and how thankful you will be to have hidden His Word in your heart.”

I’m working on James 1:2-8, 12, 13-15. I have 2-8 memorized and am working on the others. Do you know that I have memorized countless songs, commercials and even whole movies?? And yet they are nothing compared to God’s Word and only give glory to me! I pray that I would be diligent in memorizing His Word so I might not sin against Him and all glory would be His!

What say you?

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