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This Week at Home

The hot weather has continued all week. We’re still hot but the humidity has gone down *a little* so that has helped. Next week it’s supposed to cool down into the 80’s. Break out the coats!!

I haven’t posted much because of busyness around here. I’m almost finished the schoolroom and will post pictures when it is completed. By the way, I couldn’t post pictures of the new ant farm because the light kept bouncing off the glass. It looks really neat, though. I posted pictures from an advertisement of the farm on my other blog. You can pop over there and look if you’d like.

Speaking of ants, they have entered my kitchen! Not the ones from the farm, but outside ones. I can’t stand those beasts!!! I guess they are looking for a cool place to stay. I only have one cabinet in my kitchen that contains food and yesterday I saw about 10 in there. I took everything out and sprayed. I also went outside to spray around the house. The exterminator is coming next week but in the mean time I wanted to get rid of them now! I haven’t seen any this morning so I’ll wash the cabinets and put everything back. Hopefully, they will not make a reappearance.

We are watching my oldest dd’s dog this week while she is away. What an experience that has been. Snickers is a puppy and so full of energy. It’s been a lot of fun having her around. The nicest part is that she is really cuddly. When one of us sits down to read or watch TV, she jumps up and cuddles next to us. I love it. She is so soft and warm.

JK got a job taking care of a friend’s cat while they are away on vacation. She is looking forward to caring for it and playing with it. It will be her first pet sitting job. I’m sure the first of many!

Well, that’s all from here. How was your week?

What say you?

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