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This and That

I noticed today that my hit counter was over 10,000. Wow! I think that means my blog has been viewed 10,000 times?? Who would have thought?? That’s pretty neat.

This morning I took my ds to a SAT Essay Workshop at HEAV, our state homeschool association. He got many practical ideas on how to take that part of the SAT, which he’ll be doing this fall! Yikes!

While I was out I ran a few errands. I stopped at Michael’s Craft store and picked up some brads for making cards. When I went to their clearance aisle, I found a set of three pots in a tray that I can use for paper clips, rubber bands, etc. I had bought a set a few weeks ago when they were $3.00; this week they were $1.72 so I picked up two sets!

I finished up there and drove down to a local teacher’s shop that has a teacher appreciation week every year. I don’t normally shop there because it’s more for classroom teachers but I like going to the appreciation week as they have good sales, prizes to give out, etc. Well, I found the neatest thing for JK to use while she studies her flash cards. It’s called Score Tracker. It lets you quiz yourself and keeps track of the right/wrong answers and the time. You clip flashcards to it by a ring and then practice. Here’s a picture:*

You can’t see the flashcards there but they are on the left-hand side. You press the yellow button to start the timer; then read the first question. Say your answer. Correct? Press the green button. Incorrect? Press the red button. When finished, press the yellow button and then check your stats.

I’m going to use this for states/capitals and for our Latin/Greek root cards. I think this will make it more interesting than me reading them aloud or JK just studying them. Hopefully this will motivate her to study!!!

After the teacher store, I went to a thift shop where my dh wanted me to look at some tables. We’re going to be fixing up our spare room and we’ve been looking for an end table and some kind of table to put our old TV on along with the various video equipment. Well, I didn’t like what was there but I did find a great bargain for $3.25. It was a brand-new, still in the box, cookie press from Pampered Chef. I checked their website and it retails for $27.00.

I’m so thankful for the Lord leading me to this! I have been wanting one for a long time and now I have one of the best for a little over $3. He is good!!

I was on my way home when my ds called an hour early to tell me to pick him up. Before I could head over to get him, he called back and said a friend from church who was also at the workshop would be driving him home. I saved on gas! That’s always a blessing.

It is so awesome to see how God takes care of me in these little ways. They are like refreshing drops of encouragement coming down from heaven. They are a reminder that He cares for me. He cares for the sparrow, how much more He cares and loves me!

*For some reason my pictures aren’t loading so I’ll try to post them later.

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