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The Week in Review

Last week was pretty quiet around here. All of the downstairs is organized and clean! It seems like I am always doing this but I guess that is how it is to maintain a house. One of the hard things I have keeping up with is newspapers! We just started receiving the daily paper in July and it piles up quickly. What I’ve done is take a laundry basket and put it behind our couch. Now when the paper is read, we toss it in there. I haven’t been recycling but now I think I will because these papers take up a lot of space in our trash cans.

Wednesday was JK’s last day of bowling in the summer league. We had a nice party and awards were given out. She ended up with an 85 average and a high game of 122. After the party, they had free bowling where the kids just bowled for fun. JK did a lot of trick shots through her legs, backwards, etc. It was really funny!! The Fall league starts on September 9th and she is looking forward to that. She will move up to the Jr./Majors, which is 12-21 so she will be bowling against some of the older ones this year. Should be interesting!!

Thursday night JK was in a karate ceremony where she received her yellow belt. She worked very hard to achieve this and we were very proud of her! She takes classes with 6 of her friends so that makes a nice time of fellowship for her while she is learning. I really didn’t know much about karate before she took this class but I have to tell you that it is truly very good exercise. One class is for 1.5 hours and the other for 1 hour and she works and sweats the entire time. Her heart and body are definitely getting a workout.

Thursday JK and I went to a pool party for our local homeschool support group. The group will not be meeting anymore so this was a final farewell. We had a beautiful day and it was good to meet up with friends I haven’t seen for a while. The group will continue to “meet” via e-mail, which is great way to get information out. And if anyone wants to schedule field trips, we can do that also. We just won’t be having the physical monthly meetings anymore.

Saturday morning all the local office stores had their Teacher Appreciation Days but I didn’t make it to any of them. I have so many pens, markers, Post-It notes, etc. that I really don’t need any of the free things that they were giving away. One store always gives away a totebag but I don’t need that either! This coming week Michael’s is offering 10% off everything to teachers (including sale prices) so that might be something I’ll look into. I can always use more stamping supplies .

This morning our associate pastor, Rick, spoke on 1 Peter 2:1-3 about desiring spiritual milk. He asked something that I have been thinking about all day. “When have I said, ‘I long for the Scripture’. The word long in the passage is strong desire. Do I have a strong desire for the Word? Do I long to have like a baby who cries for milk?” I read the Word each day, I study it each day but I don’t think I desire it like he was talking about. I want that desire! I want to cry for it each day.

Of course Rick didn’t leave it there. He encouraged us to increase our desire for the Word by:
~praying: ask God to create that desire
~spending time in the Word: discipline myself to do this; have a plan
~having accountability: have someone who can ask me, “How are you doing in your pursuit of Christ?” Isn’t that a great question to ask other believers? I love it!!

May the Lord create that desire in me to long (have a strong desire ) for His Word more and more each day.

What say you?

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