First Week of School

Yesterday completed our first week of school. JK and my dh are in NJ this weekend visiting his brother while I am here with JM for the weekend so we only had a four-day week.

We did Language Arts and History each day using Lifepacs. I am so glad that I decided to use these. They have made school so much easier for me–and JK really likes them. She is always telling me some little tidbit that she has learned. We also did Wordsmith Apprentice and copywork. I picked up a neat little book at the convention called “Copywork for Girls“. A few years ago I picked up a used copy their Bible copywork but didn’t really care for it. Not that I didn’t like the Bible verses but just felt we could copy ones that pertain to certain situations that were going on in our home. Anyway, this one does have Scripture but also poems, literature selections, recipes, etc. that “help reinforce Godly character qualities in your daughters”.

JK also reviewed all her Latin roots that we started last year and did very well on those. She also did her Bible study each day. We use Studying God’s Word from Christian Liberty. The only thing we didn’t do was math but we’ll start on that next week.

We have a goal to finish each day before 2:15 when JM comes home from school and we achieved our goal each day. Once we add math, we’ll have to start earlier but we’re still planning on the 2:15 deadline. Next week we’ll have a four-day schedule again since we’re going on the church camping trip starting on Friday.

How was your week at home?

2 thoughts on “First Week of School”

  1. I don’t know how you do it, but it seems as if you are a great mom and keeper of your house. I am a mother and wife too, working as a housekeeper, but first of all I am a woman and in my home I am not a servant of the king, I am the queen of my house. I am equal as my husband, never less. Keep that in mind.


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