devotional, simple living

More Thoughts from The Contented Woman

Everyone wants to be happy. No one would turn down the chance to have the desires of their heart granted. However, it isn’t hard to see tht some people choose to be sad. It is as though they keep hitting their head against a brick wall–trying to find happiness their way. They have a restless spirit, running from one thing to another, seeking happiness in possessions, prestige, or power. However, real happiness comes from within, never from without.
Anything that does not begin right can never end right. In order to be happy, the very first choice we must make, is to choose the master we will serve. Every soul is either serving Jesus or satan. There is no middle ground.

The foundation for everyone’s happiness is to be sure we are SERVING the right master–Jesus, and Him alone! It can never be Jesus AND someone (or something) else!

What joy there is in striving to please Jesus in ALL that we do–whether it is worship, our work, conversation, recreation, dress, eating, hobbies, or vacation! Don’t be afraid to try to please Him.

What say you?

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