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Library Finds and A Busy Day

Our trip to the Richmond Public Library booksale proved to be fruitful. I came home with about 40 books for $22.00. Not too bad! I was a little late to the sale and I was all the way at the back of the line so by the time I got to the children’s books whole shelves had been scooped up! It happens like that sometimes. My friend, Michelle, was first in line and she picked up a lot of good books. I think she had about 6 or 7 boxes. I was very pleased with my finds and felt it was worth going. Most the of the newer books were in mint condition. Here’s some of what I found:

The Secret Garden; I have this already but bought it for the illustrations. They’re by Nora Unwin and she is one of my favorites. I also have this book illustrated by Tasha Tudor. I’ll keep both!

A Farmer’s Wife–The Story of Ruth; from 1906; neat book retelling the Bible story with b&w illustrations.

Flipbook Animations and Other Ways to Make Cartoons Move

A Treasury of Flower Fairies; poems and pictures by Cicely Mary Barker. I love fairies and her books are very sweet. This one is in mint condition. The pictures date back to the 30’s.

I Love America–A Treasury of Popular Stories, History, Poems and Songs; very nice Golden Book from 1990.

When I Grow Up and The Wonderful House; two Little Golden Books from 1950; first editions. I love Little Golden Books and have about 200 of them. I’m always on the look out for the older ones because they have such sweet stories and they remind me of the ones I had when I was little.

Oh, Were They Ever Happy! by Peter Spier; he is another of my favorite author/illustrators. Tells the story of what happens when the sitter doesn’t show up…….

Betsy Ross by Alexandra Wallner

Start Exploring Bulfinch’s Mythology. Neat coloring book and poster of 16 classic tales of adventure.

Hear, Hear Mr. Shakespeare; story, illustrations and selections from Shakespeare’s plays.

Explorers Who Got Lost by Diane Drehel

Peter the Great by Diane Stanley; another addition to her picture-book biographies. These are very well done and recommended by me!

Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda

America–A Young Person’s Guide to the USA. Very nice, oversized book with a state on each page; filled with lots of illustrations and facts.

A Little Book of Manners by Emilie Barnes

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes; every home library should have at least one Calvin and Hobbes book!!

The Great Rubber Stamp Book; a perfect companion to our rubber stamping supplies!

The Tea Party Book–with recipes, menus, decorations and favors to make. Don’t these sound like fun: A Valentine Tea, A Japanese Tea Party, A Royal Tea Party, Tiny Tea? I can’t wait to have a tea party soon!

Shirley by Charlotte Bronte; I haven’t read this but am looking forward to it. Jane Eyre is my favorite book so I’m sure this will be good also.

A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken; I’ve heard a lot about this book and am glad to have found a copy.

The Lord is My Shepherd and Give Us This Day; beautiful two-book boxed set of The Lord’s Prayer and The Twenty-Third Psalm illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Looks as if it was never read.

Cranford by Mrs. Gaskell; beautiful 1924 copy; I almost passed this by but picked it up because it was in such good condition. Mrs. Gaskell is Elizabeth Gaskell, author of Wives and Daughters and North and South. She was a contemporary of the Brontes but not as well known. She is well worth reading!

The Confessions of the Faith together with The Larger Catechism and The Shorter Catechism; nice 1944 copy in very good condition. Printed in Richmond!

A Wonder Book by Nathaniel Hawthorne, illustrated by Aurth Rackham; nice paperback copy of this book. Has nice color plates along with b&w illustrations.

Drummond’s Addresses by Henry Drummond; includes The Greatest Thing in the World. I can’t find a date but this looks to be from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

JK also picked up some funny poetry books because she saw some new poems by Ogden Nash that she had not read before. She really like Ogden Nash’s poetry.

After the library, we drove to a teacher store and then spent an hour in the Hallmark store looking at all the new Christmas ornaments. That was a lot of fun. Then we went to lunch at Taco Bell, drove to another library to pick up some DVD’s we had waiting, picked up pictures at Sam’s Club and then arrived home around 4:00!! We took a one-hour nap and then got ready to go stamping. Whew! Stamping was a lot fun and I made about a dozen birthday cards so I was glad I went.

So…….that was our day! We don’t have ones like that often so it’s fun for us every once in a while. JK was glad to be home and in her bed.

What say you?

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