daily life

More Rain Today

The weather report stated that the rain would be gone by the morning. They were wrong! As I took JK to art class this morning, it was very foggy but looked as if it would burn off. By noon it was pouring and it continued that way for most of the afternoon. A lot of the leaves are off the trees now…..on the ground, on my car, stuck on windows. Thankfully it was warm today.

There’s not much going on today. While JK had art, I went grocery shopping at Super Wal-Mart. Christmas displays are everywhere. What happened to Thanksgiving??? While I was there I ran into a friend from church. She was there with her new baby girl–only 12 days old! She has lots of hair and was even wearing a clip. So cute!

After art, JK had school but it was a light day because we usually don’t get back before 2:00. She took a history test which I have yet to grade. This was an alternate test as she did poorly on the first one. Hopefully she will do better this time.

Groceries are put away, laundry is done, kitchen is cleaned and downstairs is straightened. That makes me dance!! I know it won’t stay that way for long but it does feel good to have everything in order.

Tonight we had chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice and refried beans. I’ll post the recipe in the next day or two because I am very tired and headed to bed.

What did you do today?

What say you?

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