5 Ways to Say "No"

5 Ways to Say ‘No’

While it’s OK to say ‘Yes’ to some requests for your time–especially those that are really important–saying ‘No’ is essential to securing sufficient time for yourself and your family. Here are 5 tactful ways to say ‘No.’

1. ‘Although I’m flattered you’ve asked me to make your daughter’s party dress, I just don’t have the time to do so with all of my other projects.’

2. ‘I can’t volunteer to chaperone the dance, but I’d be more than happy to bake cookies for the event.’

3. ‘I don’t have the time necessary to give this project my full attention, and I can’t accept projects that I can only offer limited focus on.’

4. ‘Thanks for asking, but my Saturdays are dedicated to my family.’

5. ‘My schedule is already booked to the max, so although I appreciate you asking, I have to decline your kind offer.’

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