A New Year

A new year is always fresh with possibilities. New opportunities to change; to achieve; to become a better person. Resolutions to be made and kept. I start out with a list like everyone else. Good intentions; lofty goals. But, I suspect like a lot of other people, many of these things fall by the wayside. But every January I do it again!! I had a list made out for 2007: better organization of home and school; lose weight; read more; watch less TV, spend more time in prayer, read through the Bible in a year, etc. All good; all attainable. But my heart wasn’t in it; I just made the list because that’s what I do every year. That’s not exactly the way to get motivated!

Then, about a week ago, I heard an advertisement on the radio for a Kay Arthur conference. I don’t remember much about the conference except a verse was mentioned that was apparently the theme of the weekend. John 2:5b. The ad only mentioned the verse reference so I wrote it down to look it up later.

Once home, I looked up the verse: “Whatever He says to you, do it” (NASB). There was my motivation for 2007! This was all the resolution I needed! I’m sure the Lord is interested in my list of goals and intentions. Perhaps not. I’m positive He is interested in my complete obedience to all He says in His Word. I still have my list–but on the top of it I wrote John 2:5b to remind me of what’s really important. Of what is most important.

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