Daily Bible Reading

The elders at our church have encouraged everyone to be involved in daily Bible reading. To that end, they have made available The One Year Bible for us to order if we wish. They sent an e-mail yesterday stating that if we didn’t want to purchase the book, we could view it online for free. The One Year Bible Online is a free resource for anyone to use. Each day’s reading is there to view in many different translations. If you want to use your own Bible, they also provide a schedule that you can print out.

If you have younger children and you think they might not be able to do the entire reading each day (although you could read it to them), then visit here for a Children’s Daily Reading Plan. It provides a year-long schedule for reading the Bible that highlights many important Biblical events and truths about God. It will also get them in the habit of reading the Word daily.

Last year I read The One Year Bible (although I just read NT, Psalms and Proverbs) in the English Standard Version. This year I’m reading it in the New Living Translation. This is the first time I’ve read a translation that wasn’t “mainstream” and I’m enjoying it very much.

So whether you choose to read the Bible through this year or just read portions of the Word, it doesn’t matter as long as you are in the Word daily. If you are not, then from where are you drawing your strength? How can you know God intimately if you aren’t in His Word?

What say you?

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