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Is anyone planning on seeing this movie based on the book by Ted Dekker? We went to a free preview last night and all I can say–don’t waste your money! It was not very good. Bad acting, bad directing, cheesy dialogue, etc., etc. The main girl in the story was Justine Waddell, who had the lead in PBS’ Bleak House, but even she couldn’t rise about the script.
It’s supposed to be a Christian movie but there was no clear-cut message of the gospel. The next to last line mentions that God is the only way to overcome the struggle between good and evil. No mention of Jesus so it can be interpreted however the viewer wishes. Supposedly the main male character is a Christian but he never prays, never reads the Bible, only relies on himself. He is attending seminary but it seems as if he is a professional student.
Thankfully we were with a group and we out for ice cream afterwards so the evening was salvaged. We had a great time of fellowship at Friendly’s.
The movie opens nationwide today but I don’t think the reviews will be good.

What say you?

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