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Recipe Collecting

I have collected recipes for a long time and a few weeks ago I finally organized them and started a system to use them. A while ago I went through my recipe collection and sorted them into various categories:

~Main Dishes
~Side Dishes
~Snacks, Dips, Breakfasts
~Cookies & Cakes
~Pie & Desserts
~Muffins & Cupcakes
~Bars & Brownies
~Breads, Rolls, etc.

I labeled plastic file folders and put each one into a notebook:

Here’s what the cover looks like:

The problem was using them! I had everything neatly organized but I didn’t really go through the notebook much to see what was there.
Two weeks ago I went through every recipe in the notebook. I threw away what I knew I wouldn’t really use. Sometimes I see recipes that look good but then when I look closely I realize, for a variety of reasons, that I’ll never make it.

I decided to make a list of the recipes I really wanted to try. I organized the list by week and added the headings “main and side” and wrote down each recipe that I wanted to try that week. Just one a week. Sometimes I added a side dish, sometimes not. I haven’t added any desserts or breads yet because I wanted to get this system under my belt. Here’s a picture of the list:

Last week I made Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes–a big hit–and tomorrow night I’ll be make peachy chicken.
I made the list for an entire year so I’m excited about finally using all these recipes I have!

What say you?

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