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My Day

After being busy this week I was hoping I would be able to stay home today. I was home most of the day and got a lot accomplished:

laundry washed, dried, folded and put away!
bathrooms cleaned
downstairs vacuumed and dusted
kitchen floor swiffered (is that a word?)
started working on menu plans for the next two weeks
cleaned desk and decluttered all old paperwork

I had to run out to the bank this afternoon and since it’s so close to Target, well………I just had to stop in. I’m glad I did! I was able to get two cute fleece throws for $5.88 each. These will go in our family room to keep us warm while we’re watching TV or reading. I bought two rugs for my living room that were desparately needed. One was $10 off and the other $5 off. I also bought gloves for $1.48 and a headband (to cover your ears when it’s cold) for .74 cents. I found some blue socks that were marked way down. Yeah for the clearance items at Target. I love walking around the perimeter of the store to find all kinds of goodies! The rugs weren’t on the clearance rack, though, but in their usual spot. I pulled one out to look at it and noticed the red price tag. Red signals clearance!

As part of my “try a new recipe a week” program, we had this tonight and it was a hit. I think the next time I make it I might add some tomato sauce to make it more like chili. Otherwise, it was good. I did make a few changes: I added 1/3 cup sugar to the crust and I didn’t add the red pepper because when I went to buy it the other day, it was $2.24. For one!!! I figured we could live without it. 🙂

Tomorrow looks as if it will be busy: grocery shopping, library (Bleak House is in!), haircut and nails done (it’s been a month; they are in bad shape). I’m leaving early in the morning to get it all done so I can be home and prepare for worship.

What was your day like? What about tomorrow? Please share!

What say you?

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