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Ice/Snow Line

Mostly sunny skies are in our forecast today with temperatures a little below average. Highs will top out in the low to mid 40s today and drop down in the mid 20s tonight. Tomorrow a storm will develop off of the coast and this storm has the potential to bring portions of the viewing area significant snow and ice. Right now it is too early to tell exactly how much of anything we will get, but Metro Richmond is going to be right on the ice/snow line. Stay tuned to the forecast closely over the next two days.
The above is taken from one of local TV stations’ weather forecast. The text in red is the story of the Richmond area when it comes to snow. Our city was somehow built on this imaginary line that defines whether we get snow or ice or what we’re really famous for……freezing rain. We never really know until it falls from the sky. It’s hard to forecast.

So, we wait. And pray. Some pray for nothing; I’m praying for snow! Lots of it!!

BTW, I normally do my big grocery shopping every other Monday. I went this past Friday night. If you’ve lived in Richmond for at least one winter, you know that the stores will be a madhouse the day before a storm. There will be empty shelves especially of milk, bread and toilet paper. It’s crazy! Some stores looks as though a bulldozer has gone through. The reason it’s crazy is because we are hardly ever “snowed in” around here. More likely the snow is gone by 11:00 in the morning. And yet, the stores will still be bare come Tuesday morning. Maybe all those people are just wishful thinkers like myself and they are preparing for the big one (that hardly ever comes).

***Think snow***

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