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Honduras–March 2007

Finally, the update is here! I left for Honduras on Sunday morning, March 18. As you may remember, I had a cold and it wasn’t getting any better. I did take Sudafed PE, which seemed to help since my ears didn’t bother me.

When we arrived at San Pedro Sula, we were greeted by our van driver, Annibal. We were told his name was Hannibal, a rather frightening prospect! Well, he was very nice and ate regular food. 🙂 Our drive to Loma de Luz was uneventful. The speed bumps that were placed in the road as we passed through various villages were interesting. They looked like silver globes stick in the road.

The dirt road from La Ceiba to Loma de Luz was another matter. It had recently rained and it was so full of holes. I had such a headache by the time we arrived!

The first three days were pretty much a total wipeout for me. I was so sick! I did manage to cook all the meals, with Heidi’s help–much needed help–but the rest of the time I was sleeping or suffering. My head was either clogged or my nose was like a faucet. Ugh! But I knew it was just a cold and nothing else and the Lord gave me the strength to persevere through it all

On Wednesday I was well enough to go with Heidi to visit at the hospital. We went to visit with a mom and her two-month old daughter, who only weighed 5.4 lbs. She had a cleft palate and also had a fever from pneumonia. She was being treated with high calorie formula to help her gain weight.

The mother did have any clothes other than what she was wearing so Heidi brought over some for her. Please pray for this mom and her baby. She needs to gain 10 lbs. in order to have any surgery. Please pray for surgeons to visit Loma de Luz who can perform surgery on her cleft palate. The hospital cannot do that type of surgery and she needs it in order to survive.

Later in the week Heidi and I visited a 17-year old girl who had Heidi had met in the hospital where she had given birth to her second son. While she was in the hospital Heidi had taught her to quilt. The girl had completed the top of her quilt and Heidi was going back to show her how to put all the layers together. She was a very shy girl and didn’t talk much but she seemed to understand how to sew and I hope she continues with her project. Out in the poorer areas where there is no electricity (or water or anything), there is not much to do. After the cooking and laundry, most of the women just sit outside for hours at a time. Heidi is hoping to use these quilt-making times as a relationship builder to be able to share the gospel.

Driving out and cows on the path

Heidi making friends?

So sweet!

While I was doing all that and cooking, the men were busy working on the house. They painted, plumbed (is that a word?), did electrical work, tiled and grouted and lots of other things. By the time we left, Mark and Heidi could have moved it. (Their container did arrive a few days after we arrived home!!) Here’s some various pictures of the guys hard at work:

More pictures of the house:

To be continued………

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