This Week at Home

Monday started out as a regular day–school, laundry, etc. My dh called around 10:30 to see if Julianne would like to go to work with him. He had a call to make about three hours south of us. Since she was finished school, except for math, I said it would be fine. After they had been gone about an hour or so, my dh called to say that he was being dispatched to Blacksburg. He works for a major news organization in the communications department. He didn’t have time to bring Julianne back! I was trying to figure out how I could get her home but I was babysitting and couldn’t leave. But God is good! We have friends that recently moved about 5 minutes from Blacksburg and they were gracious enough to keep her overnight.

Tuesday morning I drove out to pick her up and to take Michael clothes, toiletries, etc. The last word was he will be there until Wednesday of next week! I haven’t seen him since Monday and I miss him. boo hoo!! Please keep him in prayer as he has many long hours ahead. Also that he would be able to witness to those around him. They have set his office up at the college newspaper so he is interacting with students on a regular basis.

Not much else has been going on around here. Amazingly I am all caught up on chores and laundry. And school! In math, we’re still dealing with fractions and after talking with a friend, I think I’m going to invest in Key to Fractions. We can work on that now and during the summer.

The weather has been more winter-like than spring. The beginning of the week was very chilly and windy. Today it has been overcast and I just noticed that sprinkles are happening. There is good news! The weekend and next week are supposed to be warm. Also–we had lots of rain on Sunday and the pollen seems to be down. Jared is doing much better with his allergies.

Also on the school front, Jessica finished her English class and got an “A”. Yeah–happy smiles all around. Today Jared came home with his graduation invitations, cap, gown and tassle. I cried. I can’t believe his school years (except for college) will be over in two more months. Where has the time gone?

Lastly, a little poem from this mornings devotional from Streams in the Desert.

“Be quiet! why this anxious heed
About thy tangled ways?
God knows them all. He giveth speed
And He allows delays.
‘Tis good for thee to walk by faith
And not be sight.
Take it on trust a little while.
Soon shalt thou read the mystery aright
In the full sunshines of His smile.”

What say you?

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