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Here at Home

It’s almost been a week since I’ve updated. While I was babysitting, I let a few things “go” around here and I’ve been trying to get my house in order. Last weekend I made my spring cleaning list and it’s quite long. A few have a deadline when they must be finished but most of them I’ll just work through each room when I have time and check off that item. Here’s the list:

Master Bedroom and Closet:
~go through clothes for Goodwill
~organize sheets and blankets
~buy new rod for large window
~declutter bookcase

School Room:
~clean doors
~wash dog blankets
~go through books for used curriculum sale
~dust all plants and top of bookcases
~purge files
~organize closet (again)

Dining Room:
~organize paintings (Julianne takes a monthly painting class and the canvases have accumulated)
~clean fan; wash globes
~wash window
~take down heavy curtain

Living Room and powder room:
~clean vent
~change filter
~wash window
~organize hall closet
~organize p.r. cabinet

Family Room:
~go through books for used curriculum sale
~clean game corner and dresser (full of games)
~organize sewing and crafts
~wash patio doors

~buy new curtains
~organize utility closet
~organize laundry shelf
~buy new mop

Hall Bath and Closet:
~wash floor
~organize linen closet
~purge shampoos, cleansers, etc.
~change pictures in bath
~clean vent

Hopefully it won’t take me too long to do all that. Of course, that’s in addition to school and homemaking duties.
Jared is having Senior Night at the end of the month and the school is putting together a slide show of pictures of the students. I went up today and brought the teacher in charge some pictures of Jared when he was younger. I even found one of him and another boy when they graduated kindergarten from Christian School. He doesn’t know it yet so he’ll be surprised when he sees it.

I rec’d his graduation announcements and have been addressing those to send out. We only have ten tickets and that includes our family so there’s not many we can invite. Michael’s family already told us they aren’t coming down and I don’t think mine is either. šŸ˜¦
I spent some time outside today weeding. I have let me take over and now I’m paying for it. I just have a hard time keeping the inside and the outside of my house looking nice!! I’d like to get some flowers this weekend and plant them out front. I’d also like to get some hanging baskets. They always look so pretty!
What is going on in your home?

What say you?

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