K-12 Meme

I found this meme over at A Gracious Home and thought it would be fun to do since I’m in “school” mode because of Jared’s upcoming graduation. Thanks, Sallie!

Apple Jacks or Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries
Neither, I liked Trix. I always felt sorry for the rabbit. I would have given him a bowl!

Band or Choir
I was in the band in Jr. High.

Class Ring
Yes, it was gold with an purple stone. It’s still in my jewelry box.

Ducks or Battleships
Neither. I used to take Barbies in the tub so they could swim. 🙂

Earning Money
I never had a job until I graduated high school.

Favorite Teacher
Definitely Mr. Brett in high school. He was an English teacher but I had him for study hall. He helped me with my writing. I was finally going to have him my last semester of senior year and he moved! His last day he drove me home in his WV bug and I cried the whole way. (Wow, I bet a teacher can’t drive a student home these days!!!)

Home Economics
No, but I’ve done all right w/o it.

Indoor Recess
Didn’t enjoy this. I’d much rather be outside!

Kickball or Dodgeball

The Monkees, of course!

Am I musical or do I play an instrument? I can play the flute; can’t sing, though.

Number of School Districts
Two: 1-4 (didn’t go to kindergarten, it used to be optional); 5-12.

Orange or Apple
Apple, but I’d rather have a banana.

Playground Equipment

Quiz Team or Debate
Ha! I’m not sure if our school had this but I was “way too cool” to do anything like that. LOL!!!

Jumping rope. I loved to sing all the jump rope rhymes and to double dutch. That’s usually all we did during recess.

Spring Break
Stayed home.

Team Sports

Unfulfilled Dream
My high school yearbook says something like “art and fame”. Neither has happened. That’s ok because once I became a believer my priorities changed.

I think I learned how to be a friend in school. High school was a joke. Even though I was a straight A student I can honestly say I have learned more from homeschooling my children than I ever did in school.

Walk or Bus
Walked in elementary school and rode the bus from 6 through 10. My junior and senior year I rode in my girlfriend’s car or mine. Riding the bus as a senior was not cool, LOL!

X Country or Basketball

First Grade and Senior Year

Hmmm, there were lots of boring classes, mostly history. Today it’s my favorite subject.

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