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The Class of 2007

Graduation has come and gone! It was a wonderful day and ceremony. Before I went to bed last night I wrote out a list of everything I would need for today so I wouldn’t forget. I’m so glad I did that because I felt like a chicken with my head cut off this morning. Thankfully, everything we went as we ironed clothes, gathered batteries and cameras, graduation tickets, parking tags and various other items. Whew!

We took three cars to the ceremony. I guess we’re helping heat up the planet (LOL!). Michael drove with Jared following. He wanted to drive his own car but followed Michael because he wasn’t sure of the way. We left about a half hour after them. As soon as I got on the highway, I noticed lots of other cars that were from James River. When we got into downtown Richmond, we came to a sudden stop. There was traffic everywhere and we were all headed to the same place. It actually didn’t take too long to get there and I’m glad we left early. Even so, we got there about 10 minutes before it started.
The ceremony was really nice although we were far away. Jared did manage to find us in the crowd and I was glad of that. I can’t say there was anything different about this graduation than any other you’ve probably been to except that Jared was in it! I did like the bagpiper’s that played in the beginning and how the James River mace was brought in and put on a stand. But for our family, it was all about Jared. šŸ™‚
Last month we received a letter from James River about the rules of conduct for the graduation ceremony and one of the things that was stressed was no applauding, cheering, screaming, etc. until all the graduates’ names were called. I couldn’t believe they were going to do that! Well, right before the ceremony they announced the same thing but I’m happy to say that most didn’t listen. This was Jared’s graduation and I wanted to shout. And we did!! When his name was called, all of us shouted his name. He started laughing!
Our dinner at Penny Lane was really nice and Jared was glad we went there. All in all it was a good day. I’m so thankful to the Lord for giving us this special son and I love him very, very much.
Here’s a few pictures. The ones of the ceremony didn’t turn out because they were too dark. Thankfully, our local cable station broadcasts the ceremonies live and also on another date. We recorded it today from our computer and we’ll do it again on the 25th just in case. There video was a lot better than mine!

Jared’s in there somewhere! He’s facing toward the camera. Can you see him?

Dinner at Penny Lane Pub

The Gang at Penny Lane

I can’t seem to get the caption under the picture but the one above this one is Jessica, Jared and Matt.

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