Iced Tea

We didn’t drink much iced tea until we moved to Virginia in 1990. Now there is always a gallon in the fridge and it only lasts two or three days. Last night Jared had some friends over and they drank a whole gallon but, thankfully, I had another gallon cooling on the stove. My recipe is nothing fancy but my family loves it. Jessica’s boyfriend, Matt, is coming over tonight and he drinks a lot of my tea also. 🙂

I put one gallon of cold water into a large pot. I use a dutch oven that I have and it works great. Bring the water to a full, roiling boil. Turn off heat and add 4 family-size tea bags. I use Great Value brand (decaffienated); I’ve tried other brands but this is what my family likes; GV brand is also less expensive. Let steep for about 20-30 minutes. Remove tea bags; squeeze out excess tea. Add 1 1/3 cups of sugar and stir until melted. Let cool, pour into a gallon pitcher and refrigerate. If I have lemonade made or lemons handy, I put that on the table so it can be added if needed. Enjoy!

Some people don’t put their tea in the fridge because they say it gets cloudy but I’ve never had that happen. Maybe because it doesn’t last but a few days! Making your own iced tea is easy and a lot less expensive than buying it pre-made.

What say you?

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