Monday at Home

Today was very long and I’m ready for bed. I am doubling up on my chores since I’m out of the house on Tuesday and Thursday. Right now I leave at 11:40 but starting next Tuesday it will be around 9:30-9:40. I did laundry today and vacuumed and dusted downstairs. My house is the dustiest! I’m not sure where it all comes from but I can’t miss a week or it looks baaaaaad. Julianne’s main job today was to clean the gerbil cage. They are now happy in their new fluffy home.

After lunch I did major grocery shopping. I went through the sale papers yesterday and made a list of all the places I needed to go. I also got a call from a friend who has a hurting foot; she wanted me to drop off some stamping supplies so she could be productive while she had to stay off her feet!

I have been reading Like Merchant Ships lately and have been inspired by her entries of various frugal finds. I noticed she talked about saving at drugstores. I have never really paid much attention to the local drugstores around here (Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens) and usually just through their sales ad away without even looking at it. This week I found a good bargain at CVS. They were having a Buy One, Get One Free sale on their deodorant; a brand we use and I had a coupon for it. So I got one free and other was 75 cents off the regular price. The CVS is right down the street so I didn’t go out of my way. Another good deal I found at Walgreen’s is for Softsoap for 99 cents, good but even better because I have a 35 cents off coupon. It wasn’t on my way today but will be later in the week. RiteAid didn’t have anything I needed but I am going to keep checking every week. I didn’t know there were these bargains out there. Every penny counts these day!!

I have more bargains to share but I’m fading fast so it will have to be another time. Good night!

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