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Another Picture Update

Michael and I at Kobe

My stash of John Piper books that arrived last week!

Jessica’s scream of joy at her birthday present. A Posesis purse.

A vulture in the neighborhood!

Eating a squirrel.

Our friend, the scavenger.

Julianne and Jared with our friends’ children from Miami. They are missionaries with YWAM.
Julianne at Kobe

Julianne and Snickers relaxing on the couch

Matt and Jessica at Kobe

Everyone at Kobe for Jessica’s 21st Birthday!
Julianne and her friend, Katy, teaching a Backyard Bible Club

Bananagrams, our newest word game!

This isn’t in focus (hey, I didn’t want to get too close) but this is the black widow who decided to visit our mailbox. Eeww!!

It’s hard to see but this is a bluebird on top of one of our bird feeders. A nice surprise!

That’s it: July and August in pictures.

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