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Monday at Home

We have finally started our fall/winter routine! Yeah! I will miss the lazy-daisy days of summer but I’m glad to be back on a more normal schedule.

Julianne started at Southside Homeschool Co-Op and things are going well. She was a little taken back when she started receiving homework assignments. She wasn’t used to having homework! We went through what she had to do and I showed her how to break it up into manageable bits and now she is doing fine. At first she didn’t seem too thrilled about her science class but I think that was “for show”. Some of the other kids in the class didn’t like it and I think she was going along with them (peer pressure????). But everyday she tells me more and more about the class and the text she is reading. I have found out some fascinating facts about scientists and I’ve enjoyed quizzing her on vocabulary words. I’m learning also!

Tuesday and Thursday went fine as far as getting Julianne to class, babysitting and going to karate. I have more time inbetween each activity than I originally thought so I will not be running around like a chicken with my head cut off! LOL!

I have committed to staying home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Julianne entered one of her paintings in the State Fair so Friday we need to run downtown to drop it off but other than that, we are home those three days. Yeah!
After years of trying every planner there is known to man (and woman), I have finally found one that works for me! I. am. so. happy. It is called Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer and it’s pretty basic but just what I have been looking for. I like have the week on one side and the to-do on the other. There is room enough on the weekly slots to write down activities and any other kind of notes. I still use my Palm to keep my calendar organized but I didn’t like that I always had to turn it on to read it and had to switch back and forth between the calendar and tasks or menus. Now I can leave this planner open on my desk and see everything at a glance. This one change has made such a difference. I feel so much more organized! Crazy, huh?

I still use a GraceWorks planner but I think of that as a more “spiritual planner” since I use it for sermon notes, my memory verses, devotional thoughts, etc. I also use the “household organizer” pages for my housework routine and the “project” pages for things at home and church.
Lastly, I wanted to mention that Nancy Leigh DeMoss from Revive Our Hearts is doing a twelve-week radio series on Seeking Him. If your station doesn’t carry her program, you can listen to it at the website or receive it as a podcast. It’s very, very good and very, very convicting!!!
That’s all for today! May the Lord richly bless you as you seek to serve Him at home!

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