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Thumb Update, Part Two

At 11:45 this morning, as I was driving to babysit, my doctor’s nurse called and asked if we could do the surgery at 3:00. Yikes! I wasn’t supposed to finish babysitting until 3:30 (which is actually an hour earlier than normal). I called Jane and she was able to find someone to come at 2:30. Julianne didn’t know any of this until Trish dropped her off at 2:15. I’m glad because didn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about it!

So….at 3:00 we went to St. Francis and Julianne had the surgery done on her hand. Michael was able to meet us there and we were in the room while she had the procedure. Everything went really well. The whole granuloma was taken out and they didn’t have to cut into her nail at all. She has a bandage for about 24 hours and then she is good to go! She will miss bowling and karate this week but can do all that next week.

Thank you for all your prayers! The moral of this story is………………..don’t bite your nails!!!!

What say you?

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