homekeeping, missions

This Week

I will probably be scarce this week as it promises to be busy. This morning I went out grocery shopping and it was crazy! I can’t imagine what later in the week will be like. I’m all prepared for Thanksgiving–as far as groceries go. I still need to cook everything. I hope to be able to make two pies tonight and one of my appetizers.

This afternoon Michael, Julianne and I will be going to Virginia Commonwealth University to serve Thanksgiving dinner for the international students who attend the school. We are really looking forward to meeting everyone and to serving the Lord in this way.

Tomorrow is school, babysitting and karate. Michael is on vacation this week so he’ll be able to take Julianne to school and pick her up. I’m sure they’ll get ice cream. 🙂

Wednesday will be busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. There’s only so much I can do but it will help. Julianne will be my assistant this year and she’s looking forward to it.

What are your plans this week?

What say you?

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