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Computer Woes

As I was working on my computer the other, the screen suddenly went black. I’m not a whiz at computers but I know that’s not a good sign. I called my husband and he said, “It crashed.” I wasn’t too worried because I have external hard drive that backs up my files everyday. It turns out that the back up drive had somehow been unplugged and hadn’t backed anything up since the end of December.

Everything for the month of January is gone: pictures, music (I should be able to get this back from my iPod), and all the updates I’ve done to my Palm, Homeschool Tracker, etc. I have to load everything again. :::sigh:::

I’m just grateful it was only a month’s worth of data and not everything. It could have been much worse.

So today I’ve been reloading all my software. Whoopee.

1 thought on “Computer Woes”

  1. I kept saying to myself, “Oh no! Oh no!” when I read your post this morning. How awful! This happened to us several years ago when our laptop crashed — but unlike you we did not have any kind of backup. My husband is (was?) a pastor and ALL of his pastorly existence was on that laptop. It was a terribly tense few days, but thankfully some techno-geeks at a local computer store retrieved just about everything (for a hefty fee, of course). I am SO glad you only had about a month’s worth missing, but still … Hang in there! Hope your rebuilding goes smoothly.


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