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I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I’ve updated. I guess I haven’t had much to blog about!
I did manage to get most of the files back on my computer after The Crash of ’08. I did lose some files and pictures but not much. Now, everytime I turn on my computer I check to make sure it is being backed up. I have a sticky note that says, “Back-up on??” to remind me. So far, so good!
Michael was home on President’s Day so all of us except Jared (working) went bowling and we had a great time. Jessica actually beat us the first game and she was so excited! There’s a local bowling alley near us that offers games and shoes for $1 each. What a deal that is! I take Julianne there when she needs to practice and it doesn’t cost me much.
We finally switched our internet/tv service to fiber and boy, it is fast! The picture on our tv looks great also. We did have one glitch, though. One of the guys who was installing Fios a few houses down accidently cut the wrong wire and we were without service for a few days. It gave us a good break away from our computers and tv.
Our church has started an Apples of Gold program and today it was my turn to teach. I spoke on “Loving Your Children”. It was such a blessing to study and prepare for this lesson. My mine theme throughout my talk was centering our lives around the Lord and His Word. I really stressed teaching our children the Word. I think that’s so important because the Word is really the only thing that will change their hearts. Our main goal in child rearing/training is the salvation of their souls. Nothing else matters!!
Dasher, Julianne’s dog, continues to be the cutest dog in the world but she is also very stubborn. We cannot get her potty trained. So, she doesn’t know it yet but her days are numbered. We are sending her to obedience school! I have all the paperwork ready to be submitted.

Oh, and she is such a……………..puppy! A local craft store is having a great sale this weekend so I bought some Prismacolor pencils to add to my collection. I left them in the bag, on my couch. Don’t you know that little stinker got in there and chewed my pencils!!!!!! I managed to rescue a few but the rest were completely mangled. She knew she did wrong when she saw me, too! Her tail was between her legs and she tried to get as low to ground as possible. (Of course, being a mini dachshund she didn’t have far to go!!) I have learned my lesson (hide everything) but I doubt she has learned hers.

The culprit:

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