home projects


Finally some pictures from the remodeling!

Here’s our beautiful living room window waiting to be installed:

Michael and Jacob working in the open air:

It’s in. The dining room window was also installed!

Here’s the bedroom with new paint, floors and furniture. Windows still need to be installed.

This is my “quiet corner” where I spend time with the Lord!

I found this at a local antique shop. Isn’t it pretty? I love the design and colors.

I found this lantern at a local store and thought it went well with the cottage feel.
This is a beautiful scarf I found at the homeschool convention. It’s made by widows in Bangladesh. The colors are perfect and the work is exquisite.

One of our bedroom windows is going in right now and Lord willing, the rest of the windows will be in next week.

3 thoughts on “Pictures!”

  1. You are coming along and the bedroom is nice! I have an afghan like the one on your chair. Is yours blue with cream on the other side? Does it also say, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”? I like your corner!


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