home projects


My dining/living room is being painted right now. I’m not sure I like the color. It seems sooo dark but…..it’s still wet and only has one coat so I will wait.

I also made a mistake in the color of the kitchen. Ugh. Now I need to buy another gallon of the right color. Off I go back to Lowe’s. Again.

4 thoughts on “Paint?”

  1. Choosing paint color is always frustrating to me, as you simply can’t get a real feel for what a wall will look like by looking at a small paint chip sample. I never get it right the first time!


  2. So, how do we feel about the paint color today? Are we ‘fawning’ over it, or is it an “Oh deer!!” kind of day?!?I want pictures on the blog so I can see it!!Love, TP.S. Did you get my puns??


  3. Renna and T, the color looks much better today and I love it “deerly”. The family room is now being painted “Winter Wheat”. I hope it doesn’t go against my “grain”. Pictures will be posted in a few days!PS: the puns are making me wince!


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