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Home Project Pictures

I’m finally able to upload some pictures and I have a lot so I’ll do it in several posts. The following are from the home projects. We are down to the home stretch! All that needs to be done is some sanding of the new wall that now has a door and window; siding needs to be put on this new part and shudders on the whole house. That will be all!

Zuher and Jacob–master carpenters and all-around handymen!

I realize I forgot to take a picture of the new window. I’ll have to do that next week.
These are of the new living furniture. Still no curtains or pictures but that will come in time.

Ta da!

4 thoughts on “Home Project Pictures”

  1. It is all so pretty. I’m green with envy over your green sectional. Seriously, it looks exactly like what I’m wanting. I am hoping our next home project will be to put in those same kind of french/garden doors, too.You must be so proud of it all! 🙂


  2. Thanks! Yes, I burst into song whenever I walk into the house–it’s that lovely LOL!I got the living room set at Ashley Furniture in case you’re interested. I just feel in love with it when I saw it. I absolutely love the doors! If you’ll notice in one of the pictures, we had huge 8′ sliding glass doors that were old and dirty. It gives the outside of the house such a better appearance. We’ve lived here for almost 18 years and it’s nice to spruce up the place. 🙂


  3. We have one of those big sliding glass doors leading out from our mudroom to the garden area at the side of the house. That area is really pretty (rest of yard from the back is not!), but there is that ugly old door! ;-Þ I about have my dh convinced we should spend the money and put in doors like your’s. I’ve been eyeing them at Home Depot for a couple of years now. My son’s company purchases from Ashley furniture. I’m going to show him your sectional! 🙂


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