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FOR TODAY Monday, November 17, 2008

Outside my window…the leaves are on the ground and most of the trees are bare. Winter is approaching.

I am thinking…of way to make our dollars stretch especially when it comes to Christmas gifts

I am thankful for…a job for my husband as so many are out of work

From the learning rooms…New Testament books, John Lister, vocabulary words

From the kitchen…putting together a pantry list in order to know exactly what I have and how many of each!
I am wearing…jeans, black shirt, sock and shoes

I am creating…not much at the moment

I am going…to stay home since there’s no need to go anywhere
I am reading…recipes from my files

I am hoping…to glorify Him in all I do and say

I am hearing…chickadees at the bird feeder and a dog barking

Around the house…it is clean and organized since we had company all weekend!!

One of my favorite things…is lighting candles when evening comes
A few plans for the rest of the week: grocery shopping, starting on some sewing projects, conquering the schoolroom

Here is picture thought I am sharing…none right now as the computer isn’t cooperating!!

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2 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Day Book”

  1. One of the perks of having company is it forces us to give our homes a thorough cleaning. I really should have company more often! ;-ÞI am also thinking of ways to make our dollars stretch more. They’re stretched tighter than a rubber band right now! πŸ˜‰


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