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Tuesday at Home

It’s been a cold and rainy day here. Yesterday was almost 70 degrees and sunny; today it is only 40 degrees. It’s too much of a change!

We finally put our tree up and Michael put the lights on. So pretty!! Now to add the decorations. The girls put them away last year and now I can’t find any hangers. Hmmm…everything is so organized but they are nowhere to be found. Oh well! I have to run to Target so I’ll pick them up.

Tomorrow night Trish and I finally get back to our Bible study! We took a few weeks off because our children were busy with rehearsals for our church’s Christmas drama. We’ll only have one week to meet and then we’ll have to wait until 2009 since the next two Wednesdays are “Eve’s”. I’m looking forward to finishing up “Fear Factor” and then deciding what we want to do next!

Actually next Wednesday is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season: Christmas Eve. First we go to our candlelight service where I’m reminded once again that Jesus is the light of the world and that He came to die for my sins! After that we come home and we each get to open one gift. We usually end up playing games or watching a movie.

Tonight we Michael and Julianne get home from karate, we’re going to have steak for dinner. A real treat for us! When we bought our cow in the spring (or summer, I can’t remember), one of the things we got was two filet mignon. I’ve never had it before so this will be nice. I bought a ribeye for Julianne but, of course, she can have some of ours. Speaking of cow, ours is almost gone. We purchased 1/8 of a cow this year and we are down to two pounds of ground beef and some sirloin steaks. It has lasted quite a while but when we do it again next year, I think we’re going to go for 1/4. I really enjoyed the ground beef and roasts. They were delicious and sooo much better than I can buy in the store.

Michael is on vacation until the 30th and today was Julianne’s last at co-op. She returns on January 6th. I’m looking forward to lots of days at home cooking, baking, playing games and just being a family. If it would only snow………

What say you?

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