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What I Learned Last Night

I’m still here! Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and other things, I’ve neglected posting here. Our holidays were quiet and homey with a little activity thrown it. Julianne was the props manager for our church’s Christmas play which lasted two night. She had been going to most of the practices since November. It seems so long ago now. But every Wednesday night we were at the church for rehearsal.

As most of you know, Trish and I meet on Wednesday night for a time of Bible study, fellowship and prayer. All three of her children were in the play, so we took over the nursery to have our Bible study. We sat in the rocking chairs and had a great time of fellowship! We took a few weeks off because of Christmas and New Year’s but last night we were back at it! We had hoped to find a new place to meet that looked like it would be the perfect place. It is a little Christian cafe with good food and a quiet atmosphere but when we got there last night we realized it closed at 7:00! So we ended up back at our local grocery store (!!) which has a nice Starbucks in it with comfy chairs and is out of the way of most of the hustle and bustle of shoppers.

We are on chapter seven of Fear Factor and should finish up by the end of February. Last night’s chapter was a doozie!! It was all about the first step to overcoming fear: genuine, biblical repentance. We learned this tidbit: cover your sin and suffer; repent and find compassion. (Proverbs 28:13). We learned that repentance is a lifestyle and something believers should be doing daily. We learned what true repentance looks like: true repentance produces confession and is followed by change. To confess means to acknowledge, to agree, to openly admit. “When you confess your sin you are making a conscious decision to stop hiding your sin and start pointing it out to God. You are humbly bringing your sins out in the open.” We learned that confession of our sin must come from godly sorrow. “With godly sorrow, you are sorry because you love God with everything you’ve got. You are sorry because you desire Christ, and you realize that your sin is against Him.”

I could go on and on about the things we learned but one thing that stood out was this sentence: No matter how many steps you have taken away from God, it’s only one step back. Trish called that sentence “beautiful”. And it is! God is always ready and willing to forgive when we confess our sins with true repentance and godly sorrow. What I cover, God will uncover, what I uncover, God will cover.

What say you?

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