Christmas 2008

Our skinny little tree, out of focus but looks kind of neat:Snowman I made a few years ago:
Marble cake, before and after:

Frosted Pumpkin Puffs, found here:

Peanut Butter Stars:

Julianne, our top chef, with a new kind of cook book for her DS:

The girls waiting to eat Christmas breakfast:

Opening stockings on Christmas morning. I usually hang them on their door at night but this year I forgot!

One of my favorite ornaments:

Michael and his student, Chuck Norris!!

Jessica in her traitorous Redskins shirt. Don’t worry, I still love you! (Go Eagles!)

One can never have too many Post-It Notes:

Jared on Christmas morning:

My cool Jack Bauer figurine from Julianne. It’s now next to the TV awaiting this Sunday’s return of “24”. Finally!

Jared opening his GPS on Christmas Eve. He had to work late that night so he opened his gift when he got home.

Me, on Christmas Eve
Our country tree:
Diving into Christmas Breakfast, an annual ritual:

What say you?

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