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It’s Cold

I know compared to most of the country we are not that cold but it is to me!! Tonight it is going down to 10 degrees, tomorrow will only be in the 20’s and tomorrow night it’s supposed to be 5 degrees. Just 5 little degrees! Right now there is a space heater at my feet and it’s keeping me nice and cozy. I’m thankful that I will be staying home until Sunday morning when the temperature will be in the 40’s. Heat wave! Break out the sandals!

The house is chilly because we’re trying to keep the thermostat low since our bill last month was outrageous. So it’s set for 66. I wore my sweats all day and had a scarf around my neck. It wasn’t too bad at all. I spent most of the day in the kitchen baking blueberry muffins, bread and making corn soup (probably more like corn chowder since it’s so thick). That kept the kitchen nice and toasty.

Speaking of toasty, I have been going on a toast binge lately. If I want a snack, I have toast. There is something really comforting to me about hot, buttered toast and a glass of orange juice. I love it!

Jessica is coming over tomorrow night for another girl’s night of watching movies. We don’t have anything picked out yet. Last time it was a scary movie but this time I think we’re going to go for sad and/or romantic. I’ll be making breakfast for dinner~one of my favorite meals to have: pancakes, eggs and bacon. Yum! Perfect for 5 degree weather!

1 thought on “It’s Cold”

  1. It sounds nice and ‘toasty’ over there! I wanna come over!! I think all the OCs (Outside Cats) made it through the night. Carl went down to feed them this morning and they were all there waiting for him. I’m relieved!! I was afraid we would find catcicles this morning!!Stay warm!Love, T


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