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No Snow

When I went to bed last night, The Weather Channel forecasted 2-3″ of snow for our area. I didn’t watch the local channels but I assume they forecasted the same thing. When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, I saw………..nothing! As happens frequently here in Central Virginia, the snow went to our south (sometimes it’s to the north or east or west).

It’s hard to be a snow lover in Central Virginia!

4 thoughts on “No Snow”

  1. Do you want ours here in OH?!? Please take it. People think fluffy white stuff is great. Ick. anyways, yes, please take our snow. I will personally help with the cost of transporting it (what would be the best method?)! Anyways…lol. I laugh when I see posts like those because I SOOOO HATE and ABHOR winter (especially OH winter) I long for the days when snow was something I looked forward to because it NEVER came!! 🙂 lol


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