The Mystery That Is Learned Under The Cross

“Yes, I love everybody! That crowning joy has come to me at last. Christ is my soul; He is mine; I am as conscious of it as that my husband and children are mine; and His Spirit flows forth from mine in a calm peace of a river whose banks are green with grass and glad with flowers. If I die, it will be to leave a wearied and worn body and a sinful soul to go joyfully to be with Christ, to weary and sin no more. If I live, I shall find much blessed work to do for Him. So living or dying, I shall be the Lord’s.

But I wish, oh, how earnestly, that whether I go or stay, I could inspire some lives with the joy that is now mine. For many years I have been rich in faith, rich in a n unfaltering confidence that I was beloved of My God and Savior. But something was wanting; I was ever groping for a mysterious grace the want of which made me often sorrowful in the midst of my most sacred joy, imperfect when I most long for perfection. It was the personal love of Christ of which my precious mother so often spoke to me, which she often urged me to seek upon my knees. If I had know then, as I know now, what this priceless treasure could be to a sinful human soul, I would have sold all that I had to buy the field wherein it lay hidden. But not till I was shut up to prayer and to study God’s Word by the loss of earthly joys, sickness destroying the flavor of them all, did I begin to penetrate the mystery that is learned under the cross. And wondrous as it is, how simple is this mystery! To love Christ and to know that I love Him–this is all!”

–Katherine in “Stepping Heavenward” by Elizabeth Prentiss

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