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Third Day Concert

I’m tired and going to bed but wanted to add one picture from tonight’s Third Day concert. I’ve got a bunch more but will post those another day. Third Day was great, as usual. Michael and I had a wonderful time. We also enjoyed Revive and Brandon Heath.

Good night!

2 thoughts on “Third Day Concert”

  1. You are so cool! I would not have been brave enough to get my picture taken with them. I get “star stuck” so easily! Of course, here in Iowa, there are very few opportunities to see stars. Though, my husband went to college with Tom Arnold (Russ’ best friend was his room mate), but we don’t like to advertise that. *wink*


  2. This was my second time meeting the guys so I was definitely more relaxed!! That’s why I did the goofy picture. haha They are just regular guys who really appreciate their fans. They wouldn’t be where they are without us!! They also love the Lord and it shows in their music and concerts.


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