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Drop it! No! Come! Sit! Leave it!

Since Arwen arrived in our home last Friday my days have consisted of training, training and more training. This puppy is sooooo full of energy. She is doing well in some areas but not in others. Trying to take her for a walk is a challenge. She is not understanding that I am the one who is supposed to lead, not her. “I will be calm and assertive……I am the Dog Whisperer.” Haha!

In other news, it is about 93 degrees today. Our spring has been quite cool; very lovely in fact and wham! we’re in the 90’s until Wednesday or Thursday. Our a/c is not working but thankfully our neighbor works for an a/c company. He’s here working on our unit right now. It seems to be that it needs a valve replacement so hopefully that will solve the problem.
I went to the library the other day and picked up some books on frugal living/saving money. Even if I only get a tip or two that saves me money out of what I read, it will be worth it. It seems like every time I go to the grocery store the prices have gone up!
Julianne only has a few more weeks of school left. I have already signed her up for classes next year: biology, advanced writing/literature and algebra 1. I’m looking into Rosetta Stone for Spanish. Has anyone used this??
I hope you all have a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Drop it! No! Come! Sit! Leave it!”

  1. I wondered how things were going with your new pup. I have seriously given up training Leyna, our Min Pin. We’ve had her for two years and she <>still<> leads me on walks. I told dh I think Leyna is the one dog that could stump Cesar! ;-Þ

    We’ve had a/c weather for the past two days. I am not looking forward to summer!


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