devotional, faith life

Be Still

Ask God the question, “How can I develop and sustain a robust fear of God in my life?” and one of the answers He will give you is, “Be still and know that I am God.” Do you want to know Me, Who I really am, what I am like? Do you want to have an experiential knowledge of My greatness, My glory, My majesty? Well then, you must be still, you must be willing to think, you must take charge of your mind, and control your thoughts and actions. You must stop frenetically running around, keeping yourself so busy mentally or physically that you miss My presence. You must periodically, regularly, often make time to focus on Me, to think about Me. You must not let your mind think about whatever it wants. You must deliberately focus on Who I am. If you are not willing to do this, you cannot know Me in an in-depth way, and you will not fear Me in a constructive, powerful way. To know me as I really am and to fear Me as you ought, you must “be still and know that I am God.”–Wayne and Joshua Mack (The Fear Factor)

What say you?

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